Founder Dr. N. Kulandaivelu

"Good health is above wealth."

My unyielding quest for answers in the fields of spirituality and philosophy have been the keys that drove me to Siddha medicine. I am Dr. N. Kulandaivelu, founder of JP SIDDHA in chennai. Hailing from a traditional Siddha family I find myself extremely gratified and thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to serve humankind in the holistic field of Siddhas. It is indeed a great boon to be born in the culture rich soils of the Indian lands, abundant in tradition, heritage and historical significance. Our roots define our paths and guide us to our ultimate purpose in life, and I have found mine, deep-rooted in the paths of great saints who have walked our lands overflowing with spiritual and philosophical significance.

Siddha Remedies​

Siddha Medicine also known as Siddha Vaidyam or siddha maruthuvam , is the oldest medical system in existence. The word siddha means – established truth. Siddha’s who have realised the mystic truth, revealed their wisdom in the field of medicine, yoga, astrology, alchemy a poetic form via tamil manuscripts which then has been decoded by the later civilization of the modern world.
History of tamil siddha medicine is such that its been rooted from kumari kandam (the cradle of mankind) where lord shiva, who is considered as first siddhar headed the muthalam tamil sangam moreover then handed over to lord murugan who then developed irandam tamil sangam (manonmani maruthuvam) which the evolved as siddha maruthuvam being formulated and scripted besides in sanga tamil paadalgal by 18 siddhars (agathiyar, thirumoolar, rama devas ,konganavar, nandhidevar, idaikkadar, bogar, paambaati siddhar, korakkar, sattaimuni, sundhara nandhar, vaan meegar, kudhambai, macha muni, kamalamuni, pathanjali, dhanvantri) Siddha maruthuvam focuses on preventive measures, creative aspects and post recovery methods for the wellbeing of mankind.
As per the sayings of siddha poets, “வேர் பாரு தலை பாரு மிஞ்சினதில்லை பற்பம் செந்தூரம் பாரு.” Herbal sources of leaves, barks,roots,seeds,etc., are used as a primitive element similar to in treating diseases. However in chronic untreated cases minerals and animals sources are also used considering the ailment and medical condition ( the diagnostic method being (en-vagai-thaervu) Depends on 8 types of bodily analysis namely

  • Naa- tongue
  • Mozhi- speech or voice
  • sparism – touch
  • Niram- color
  • malam – stool
  • moothiram – urine
  • Naadi- pulse diagnosis

3 dhoshas also called as thathuvams

  1. Vali -sky or air
  2. Azhal- fire
  3. Aiyam- water + earth

Should always be in harmony with 5 primordial elements of nature. Any imbalance or disturbance dhoshas/ maruthuvam results in disease or illness. Almost 4448 diseases and its treatments are mentioned in the siddha system of medicine. Siddha in chennai


Revitalize and Rejuvenate Your Life

The terminology Siddha reflects the meaning – achievements. The saints who have achieved medicinal cure through this technique were known as Siddhars.Siddhars are those spiritual masters who possessed eight unique powers, otherwise known as Ashta Siddhis.The entire Siddha Maruthuvam or system has been recognized as a large therapeutic practice in nature.

Prana Sakthi

Rejuvenate The Lungs

Prāna is life force energy and sakthi is associated with feminine or creative energy. Prāna sakthi is one of the three forms of sakthi that

Madhana Kaameshwaram

Mens Reproductive Health

Upto 25% of Infertile men have idiopathic infertility. Which means they have abnormal or low sperm counts for no identifiable reason

Sakthi Kudilai

Cleanses And Strengthens The Uterus

Infertility is the inability of a couple to become pregnant after one year of regular, unprotected intercourse (or) sometimes unhealthy