Gall stones are not exactly stones. They’re pieces of solid material that form in the gallbladder, which is a small organ located under the liver.

You might not even know , you have them until they block a bile duct, causing pain .

The pain felt on right upper abdomen should be ruled out and treated as soon , so that it might not grow big and cause severe pain to go for a surgery to remove the gall bladder itself ( cholecystectomy)

Types of gall stones :

The two main kinds are:

Cholesterol stones :These are usually yellow-green in color. They’re the most common kind, accounting for 80% of gallstones. Pigment stones :These stones are smaller and darker. They’re made up of bilirubin, which comes from bile, a fluid your liver makes and your gallbladder stones.

The symptoms of gall stones :

Sharp pain felt on the right upper abdomen ( mainly after having oily foods )
Stomach bloating etc
Bitter taste felt in the mouth etc

Causes of gall stones :

Retention or post-ponding the urge to urinate/passing the faeces
High intake of trans – fat and LDL ( low density lipoprotein – bad cholesterol

Foods to avoid in case of gall stones :
Deep fried items like french fries and potato chips.
High-fat meats and red meats such as bacon, sausage, ground beef
High-fat dairy products, such as cheese, ice cream, fresh -cream, whole milk etc
White flour
Creamy sauces
Using old heated / used oils for fry

Note :

Increase in body heat ( due to spicy foods , insomnia,increased sexual activities ,travel etc ) would cause rapid destruction of RBC’s ( Red Blood cells ) which in turn increased the bilirubin to form gall stones .

Treatment :

There are always natural herbs, to cleanse out the gall stones in minimum 3 months duration , which can help you save your gall bladder without it being removed . The ancient herbal formulations derived from the Tamil manuscripts have seen to dissolve the stones naturally via faeces. ( In case of cholecystectomy, the metabolism becomes very low leading to indigestion, (especially fat metabolism) hyper cholesterol, GERD ( acid reflux ) etc which may also cause Herat blocks .

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