Infertility In Women

Infertility In Women

Infertility is the failure of a couple to become pregnant after one year of regular, unprotected intercourse (Or) sometimes unhealthy pregnancy leading to miscarriage is also known as infertility. In major cases, infertility affects both the partners ( men and women ).

INFERTILITY IN WOMEN as per the ancient siddha science:

Infertility is generally called as கெர்ப்ப ரோகம்(diseases which prevents pregnancy).

Siddha system of medicine has a separate branch dealing with female reproductive system and pregnancy called as Magalir Maruthuvam மகளிர் மருத்துவம்.

The specialisations in Magalir Maruthuvam : சூல் மருத்துவம் Sool Maruthuvam – branch of siddha medicine dealing with female reproductive system. As சூலகம் means ovary, the study of it is named as சூல் மருத்துவம். மகபேறு மருத்துவம் Magaperu Maruthuvam – branch of siddha medicine deals with care of women before, during, and after they give birth to children.

Infertility in women might be due to:

Improper ovulation, quality eggs, Hormonal imbalance, Pcos, Fibroids, Fallopian tube blocks, Infection ( pelvic inflammatory disease – PID ), Worms in uterus, Low AMH -Anti mullarian hormone ( normally less than 2 ng/ ml is said to be low ), Low endometrial thickness in women ( normally less than 8 to 11 mm is said to be low ).

Impotency in women might be due to:

Sexual impotence – lack of sexual interest ( psychological roots with anxiety, depression and stress ), Dry vagina – due to low oestrogen levels ( which is most common in menopausal women’s), Low libido – ( sexual hormones), Excess body heat might lower the vaginal fluids making the intercourse complicated with pain, psychological, neural, vascular, and endocrine factors might also play a role causing impotency in women.

Siddhar Agathiyar Medical Literature “AGATHIYAR KARBA KOL” has mentioned the causes for female infertility.

Here Women are compared to Mother Earth. Earth has different types of soils loamy, arid, desert, salty etc but the soil is always fertile with some kind of life like plants animals , etc. There can be defects with seeds lacking in quality or infections for not germinating but never with the Mother Earth. So, there are more chances for infertility in women to be cured than male, provided the exact cause for the delay in pregnancy is found women.

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